Fuck It, It's All Me

" For the past few months I’ve had my blog separated into two different pages: /posts/ and... "

Don Hertzfeldt, Hangar, and the Desire to Be Human

" So if you’ve spent any amount of time talking to me (or, more accurately, listening to me... "

The Rare Moments You Feel Like You're Real

" Here's a song that I like. Might be good to listen to with this post. Idk. You know how some... "

My First Fullindie Meetup

" So… I’m writing this on the ferry ride home from my very first FullIndie meetup! I... "

The Perfect Mac and Cheese (According to My Dead Dad)

" My dad (or as I and my family called him, Lala,) had a lot of experience with making mac and cheese... "

Eggs Like Russian Dolls

" So a while back I made a post about how my egg had cracked, and that I was, disappointingly, cis. In... "

Oops! All Parasocial!

" So… it’s not exactly a secret that I’ve struggled to make friendships in life.... "

The Heat Is Horrible

" So… it’s mid May and the temperature has suddenly shot up by about 10 degrees where I... "

I'm Fine: a Short Film

" I’m Fine is a short film that I wrote, recorded, and filmed almost entirely by myself in late... "

You've Cracked Your Egg, Now Fry in It

" A while back I made a post about my gender and my experience in questioning. I’m happy to... "

That One Person Who Presses All the Buttons

" Do you have that one person who just somehow perfectly presses the buttons on all of your... "

Eggs and Gender

" Gender is weird. It’s such a social construct yet our society has been built on it on such a... "

A Brief Hantiplad About Everything Everywhere All At Once

" So I finally got to watch that movie everyone was talking about last year. It’s honestly even... "


" I feel like the people we get along best with are always, to some degree, mirrors of ourselves. My... "