Who Cares If I End Up on the No-Fly List

or, "Let's Make an FPS!"

Jesus Christ. Jesus FUCKING Christ.

The fact that this alt-right bullshit has made it to mainstream Canadian politics is fucking terrifying.

I’ve had an idea for a game kicking around in my head for a while now, something commenting on the political situation in the world right now, specifically when it comes to transphobia.

Basic pitch is a stealth movement shooter where you assassinate prominent anti-catgirl figures. Catgirls are definitely not acting as a stand in for anything here, and you shouldn’t look into it further.

The story is also exploring these themes and the fear, anxiety, and anger that comes from being made into tokens in the political game, and that half the players want to ban the tokens before (or after) burning them.

None of this is inspired by anything going on right now at all.

I originally shelved it because when I talked to one of my gamedev friends, she told me that I “would be arrested for stochastic terrorism,” which, fair enough.

But screw it, I’m going to work on it. Let’s see how far this gets.

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