Installing Fmod Studio on Pop!_OS

So, as a game developer, I love FMOD. Advanced sound is always so cool to me! However, when installing FMOD Studio on Pop!_OS, you’ll run into an issue.

$ dpkg -i fmodstudio<version>.deb
Package pulseaudio is not installed

So, even though it requires a bit of editing files that you probably shouldn’t, it’s actually quite easy!

First, run dpkg -i --force-all fmodstudio<version>.deb. This installs FMOD Studio, and FMOD Studio will run just fine! There’s an issue, though. When you next try to install something with apt you’ll discover that it won’t allow you to install anything, because a dependency is unresolved.

To solve this, you need to edit /var/lib/dpkg/status as sudo. Find the entry for fmodstudio, and remove pulseaudio from Depends.

And boom! FMOD Studio running on Pop!_OS without any issues anywhere!

Or you could install the AppImage, but that’s not as fun…

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