My First Fullindie Meetup

So… I’m writing this on the ferry ride home from my very first FullIndie meetup! I basically got on a bus right after school to get down to the ferry, then I went into Vancouer and… ate food?

Also all of this was with my friend River. They’re cool. Check them out. Without whom I probably would’ve been having an anxiety attack for the whole trip so… thanks, Riv!

After we ate, we went down to the Skytrain and went down to the place where the meetup was happening. We arrived half an hour early, and while we were waiting for the doors to open two things happened:

  1. I finally fixed a critical bug in my dialogue bubble renderer, so now I have visible dialogue bubbles!
  2. We met the third person to arrive, who was giving a talk. His name was Cole, and he was working on a pretty cool game called Captain Soda. Check it out! Played the demo, it’s a lot of fun.

After we were invited in, we spent a bit of time in the mostly empty room as we waited for people to arrive. We talked to a sound designer/composer who I cannot remember the name of, and some more cool people. We talked to someone who was working on an Advance Wars-inspired game. While River was still focused on that, I spotted someone who I knew I had to talk to, on account of their extremely gay apparel. Their name was Karl, and they were a web dev/indie dev who has an extremely cool website.

We talked for a bit, then I ended up showing them the progress I had made on my cutscene engine. Someone who professionally does games showed up to look at it, and asked me some questions. I ended up showing him an old game jam game I made (Raymond Diceworths), and they seemed to like it! Their play session got interrupted by the talks starting, though. They almost finished the game after, which was very cool to me.

The talks were good! The first one was by a professional games writer, and he had some good things to say about how writers work on games. It was a fun talk. The second talk was by the guy who was working on Captain Soda, and it was about pitching to publishers so… very useful info for me!

I then got to meet two of River’s friends who were also there. They were both quite odd and very not typical, so of course I got along with them swimmingly. They were fun. If you’re reading this, River, say hi to the one named after a fire-related crime for me! It’d be chill to have their Discord lol.

Probably shouldn’t put that in but what the fuck why not it’s 11:53 pm on a Tuesday and it’s been a long day.

Then we went to the ferry, had some nice conversations on the transit there, and then waited for the ferry for like an hour. That brings us to now!

So uh yeah

have a nice night :)

10/10 would go again

Oh my god I just realized I forgot to explain FullIndie!

It’s an open group for gamedevs, specifically indie game devs, in the Vancouver area. That’s about it. They’re chill.

But yeah g’night y’all!


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