IntangibleMatter - Impostor Syndrome, Adhd, and Burgers


Impostor Syndrome, Adhd, and Burgers

So this is just a short little update. At the time of writing this, I’m currently waiting for a burger because I have nothing better to do in the time between now and when I go and talk to a whole bunch of mental health people to find out if my mental illness is disruptive enough to the system to give me support for something that I’ve recently realized has been making my whole life harder than it has to be. It seems like everyone has ADHD these days, or claims to, at least, but considering I meet 15 out of the possible 18 DSM-5 criteria (of the required 5) I’m pretty confident in my self-diagnosis.

Now I just get to see what the professionals say.

I’ll update you all later.


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