Eggs Like Russian Dolls

So a while back I made a post about how my egg had cracked, and that I was, disappointingly, cis.

In retrospect, I now think that the egg had just cracked to reveal another egg. I just kind of default to being cis because it’s what i know, and because I feel uncomfortable with uncertainty, especially about core parts of myself. I don’t think any truly cis person could say the phrase “I’m cis in the way that I’d do lines of estrogen” with a straight face. Which is something that I have done. Multiple times.

I’m not afraid to come out as trans. My mother is very much not transphobic, when I had her read my first post on the subject she immediately sent me links to goth skirts for men on etsy. While she herself doubts that I’m trans due to the fact that when I was about 9 a good friend of mine came out as trans so my parents checked with us about how we feel about being the gender we were assigned, and both my sister and I said that everything was a-okay in that regard, she still is supportive of my questioning and doesn’t ever make me feel invalidated or unsafe for exploring my identity.

Anyways, yeah. Still questioning, just don’t like uncertainty. Maybe I’m bigender? Genderfluid? Just straight up transfem? Guess we’ll see.

Anyways yeah. Have a good one :)

Also I’m adding this a few days later but I’ve been binge-listening to this song in such a cis way.

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