The Heat Is Horrible

So… it’s mid May and the temperature has suddenly shot up by about 10 degrees where I live. If you lived in Ontario or something, this would probably be normal, but I live in southwest BC. The temperature getting above or below 8-12 degrees is weird, especially this suddenly. Or I guess it isn’t weird, just miserable. Another sucky part of it is that my town isn’t frequently this hot so most buildings don’t have air conditioning.

As a sweater, I have to brace myself for everything that I touch and wear to be sticky for the next five months. It’s going to be miserable. Climate change is bad enough on its own, but combined with El Niño I will be lying on the floor wearing as little as possible whenever I can. I hate the heat. Let me move to Iceland, the temperature range there is -2 - 14 degrees. It sounds so much nicer….

Sweating is, in my opinion, the worst physical feeling that isn’t outright painful that one can have.

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