Footpedal: A FOSS Audio Engine for Games

I love dynamic audio in games. Being a game developer, I want to add it to my own projects. Unfortunately, I’m broke and all existing solutions are expensive to use (at least without a giant splash screen when you boot up the game.) Obviously, being a programmer myself, I decided I’d try to write an audio engine on my own. This is, of course, a completely giant task, and I am not amazing at programming complex systems, especially at lower levels, so I pretty much gave up. Before I gave up, though, I mentioned this project to a friend of mine, River, who promptly didn’t quite get it and continued rewriting the JVM. A few weeks back, though, they ended up taking another look at the project, and we started working on it together.

So… Get ready for Footpedal! A Free, Open Source piece of audio middleware being written in Rust with a frontend written in Godot! We are super early on in the process, but stay tuned here and check out River’s blog post for updates!

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