Hey! You might notice something new down at the bottom of my blog posts. It’s a comments section! You can leave comments on my ramblings if you have a Github account and you sign in to it.

I’m using a system called giscus for my comments. It means I don’t have to worry about self-hosting anything, and I can just use github! Specifically, Github discussions, which is a way for people to talk about a repo on the site, and it means that I don’t need to handle anyone’s data myself! If you don’t have a Github account, I highly encourage you to make one! It’s a great community of people who make all sorts of cool open-source stuff, and it’s free and secure enough that I use it to run my comments! If nothing else, the ability to tell me why the comments section is a bad idea is a good reason to sign up for Github and comment on this blog!

Alright, have a good one!

- IntangibleMatter

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