A Brief Hantiplad About Everything Everywhere All At Once

So I finally got to watch that movie everyone was talking about last year. It’s honestly even better than everyone says. The effects were amazing, the writing was fantastic, and the actors were all… *chef’s kiss*.

Jobu Tupaki it's organic gif

Our deadpan-hyper chaotic-evil queen.

My favourite character was easily Jobu Tupekai. She’s honestly everything I aspire to be. A cool, nihilistic, reality warping, amazing looking young adult who created an object that can destroy the most powerful people somewhat out of boredom. She even moves how I want to. Just a little bit crazy, and like a cutesy cartoon character was given a few doses of evil maniac. People who move in an animated way are the best. And the head ticking to swap between dimensions… UGH! It’s a brilliant film, and I loved all the characters. Waymond was adorable and we all need someone like him in our lives, Evelyn was such a compelling character, and it was all.. ugh. so amazing!!!1!1

I love the movie’s central concept, too. It’s a creative, brilliant way of multiverse travel that allows for some amazingly hilarious scenarios to take place. The butt plug scene was definitely a standout in my opinion.

Easily one of my new favourite movies. 11/10. Will probably watch so many times that it loses some of its meaning to me because when so few things make you feel like that anymore you’ve gotta squeeze every DROP of dopamine you can.

If you haven’t seen it yet. Watch it. It’s on Prime. Or buy the blu-ray. It’s SO worth it.

note: hantiplad is a word a friend and I came up with when we realized that there wasn’t a term for a positive rant

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